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Discover how to reduce your risk of most major modern diseases 

by up to 50%! Without pills, diets or creams!

check_filled Lose weight while becoming stronger & more toned!

check_filled Sleep better & become healthier overall!

check_filled Experience more self - confidence and look & feel your best!

check_filled Have more energy & enhanced sense of well-being!

check_filled Learn about one of the most important keys for longevity & why health experts are extremely excited about resistance training.


Introducing: Ageless Beauty & Timeless Strength

A women’s guide to building upper body strength without special equipment

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Chapter one clearly explains the many life sustaining, anti-aging benefits of resistance training.

check_filledReverse Osteoporosis:  Strength training can stop the loss of bone AND increase bone bass by up to 9% within a year. Effective for women of any age!  Page 15

check_filledLose and maintain weight - stop yo-yo dieting. Page 11

check_filledReduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 71%.  Page 18

diabetes_chartIn a major clinical trial called the Diabetes Prevention Program conducted by the NIDDK,/NIH, 3234 participants with pre-diabetes were put into either a program of a low calorie diet and exercise or on drug therapy with advice to exercise and watch their diet. The exercise and diet group reduced their risk of getting diabetes by 58% and by 71% for those over age 60. The drug therapy group reduced their risk by only 31%.




check_filledSignificantly reduce risk of heart disease & high blood pressure.  Page 21

check_filledSlow and prevent arthritis – reduce pain.  Page 24

check_filledExercise and the relationship to lowest rates of breast cancer.  Page 28

check_filledImprove self-confidence, improve overall mood and reduce the risk of depression.  Page 30

check_filledAnd more: look better, feel better, have more energy, sleep better, reduce stress – have an overall better quality of life. And results are possible at any age from 18 to 80!

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Learn about the amazing benefits of functional exercises;

the most beneficial type for enhancing everyday life.

That means having more strength and vitality to carry packages, open doors, play sports, lift grandchildren, etc. – to live life fully. Functional exercises use only your body weight – no equipment is needed. (Chapter 2)

Benefits of functional exercises:


Enhances your body’s ability to move more effectively in everyday activities.


Engages the entire body – large and small muscles are engaged.


Improves mind-body coordination and balance as well as the neuromuscular system.


Improves sports performance.


Safer than using equipment- you don’t have to worry about dropping a dumbbell on your toes!


Don’t have to fit into a machine or worry about stressing muscles.


Can be done at home or anywhere, and require no special equipment, or clothing! 


Discover cutting edge nutrition secrets for maximizing

strength & energy

Interview with the former director of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals, Lynn Keller. (Chapter 3)



Which foods give you energy and build strength and which foods sap your energy.


Why a woman’s nutritional requirements are different than a man’s.


The role of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


When to eat before and after a workout.


Smart snacking.


The best supplements for strength, energy and overall health.

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Includes a hard copy of the book and the five bonuses mentioned below



Maximize your workouts to get the most benefits in the

least amount of time
(Chapter 4)

check_filledWhy long workouts are NOT necessary for results.


Intensity – the secret to building strength in the shortest amount of time.


How to create a personalized exercise session to meet your specific needs.


Getting and staying motivated.


Suggested workout sequences for all levels.


Exercise log.

Fun, interesting, & challenging exercises for all levels

Ageless Beauty & Timeless Strength shows women of all ages how easy it can be to add strength training to their lives with interesting body-weight exercises for all levels of fitness! Over 48 different exercises with variations.  (Chapter 5)

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Be inspired by women just like you!

Read inspiring biographies of women who use strength training to improve and positively impact their lives.

Hear what motivates them to make resistance training an important part of their lives. (Chapter 6)

Only $21.95


Includes a hard copy of the book and the five bonuses mentioned below


See what the experts are saying about this book:

harvery-head-shot“Ageless Beauty & Timeless Strength, is an all natural “Fountain of Youth” guide. Anyone who reads and utilizes the great information in this thoughtful and inspiring book will be amazed at the results. I’ll be offering this book in my office to boomers ready to regain their youthful life.”

Richard S Harvey D.C., C.C.S.P  
Director, Harvey Chiropractic Center
San Ramon, CA


Deb-Photo“As a health club owner for 30+ yrs, the biggest challenge I see most often for women is building upper body strength. This book clearly explains the anti-aging benefits of building strength, how to exercise for maximum results and provides interesting exercises for all levels. Every woman should own a copy!”

Debbie Swigert, Owner
Lafayette Health Club, Lafayette CA

Casey_Conrad“Millions of women struggle with long-term weight loss and suffer through countless "diets" without success. By incorporating strength training as part of regular exercise and healthy eating women can stop the yo-yo syndrome. As a bonus they'll look fabulous in their favorite jeans and little black dress!”

Casey Conrad
Founder, The Take It Off Weight Loss Program
Author, Winning the Struggle to Be Thin

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Only $21.95


Includes a hard copy of the book and the five bonuses mentioned below



About the author

howard_vanesFor over 20 years Howard VanEs has been a dedicated practitioner of hatha yoga and has been teaching yoga for the last 14 years in the Bay Area of California. Howard is the primary author and editor of the "" wellness book series, the author of "Beginning Yoga: A Practice Manual", co-producer of the audio "CD Shavasna/Deep Relaxation", and creator of the "Yoga on Demand" audio program. He is also the founder of and co-founder of

In addition to writing about and teaching yoga, Howard also leads yoga teacher trainings, wellness seminars and retreats worldwide.  Howard received a yoga teacher certification from Mt. Madonna Center in Watsonville, CA and has also received training from the advanced studies program at The Iyengar Institute of San Francisco. He also has an M.A. in counseling psychology.


12 important reasons to order this book today!

  1. Learn how to significantly reduce your chances of getting most modern major diseases by up to 50%.
  2. Enhance your self-confidence, reduce moodiness and improve overall well-being.
  3. Sleep better, lose weight and improve energy.
  4. Benefit from functional exercises – the best kind of enhancing everyday life.
  5. Do these exercises anywhere anytime – no special equipment.
  6. Focuses on upper body – turn your weakest parts into your strongest.
  7. Interesting upper body strength exercise for all levels of fitness – beginners through super athletes.
  8. Discover cutting edge nutrition secrets for strength and energy.
  9. Look and feel your best.
  10. Be inspired and motivated by other women’s stories.
  11. Get $68 worth of bonuses to help improve the health of your body, mind & spirit.
  12. Money back guarantee!

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Order a copy of the book, read it over, try out the exercises for yourself, and for any reason you are not happy with the book within 90 days simply return it for a refund and keep the bonuses as our gift to you!

Only $21.95


Includes a hard copy of the book and the five bonuses mentioned below



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